Le Prieuré Saint Géry

There are some roads that you really need to dare to take, and even dare to get lost along... At the end of the one that leads to the farming village of Solre-Saint-Géry, on the outskirts of La Botte du Hainaut, not far from the French border, is the well-kept secret of the former priory, which is now making a name for itself as a home to the finer things in life.

In the capable hands of chef and owner Vincent Gardinal, the Hostellerie Le Prieuré Saint-Géry offers visitors a charming restaurant and a small hotel where the only thing that counts is the pleasure of the moment. A sophisticated setting, sensitive and inspired cooking, with all the delicacy and creativity of a delicious blend of sophistication and natural charm that boasts cosy, peaceful bedrooms and a delicious attention to detail.

And when it's finally time to leave, there is one last gift to treat yourself to... the promise to come back.